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Primary Care Mental Health Sustained Capacity-Building for Depression and Suicidal Behaviour (PrimeDep)


A core feature of the national strategy for improving mental health (MH) and preventing suicide is to enhance the capacity in primary care (PC) to diagnose and treat depression and to assess and manage suicide risk.

The aim of PrimeDep is to respond to the need in Portugal of new initiatives in prevention of mental ill-­‐health and suicide through implementation of a large-­scale transfer of knowledge within the context of MH care delivery in PC.

The aim will be achieved through the application of evidence-­‐based principles, methods and materials, through training activities organized in a cascade fashion (train the trainers) with four levels of increasing intensity, and through technological innovation.

Several thousand PC professionals, 400 000 patients and a population of 2 million people in the intervention areas, users of the 4 health regions and 12-16 groups of PC units, will potentially benefit from the project.

Through the PrimeDep project the following products will be delivered: 1) a report on barriers for MH in PC, 2) training of 12 MH professionals Lead Trainers, 4.300 PC trained professionals (900 Depression Experts), 3) a website to strengthen public awareness about depression and suicide risk, 4) an e-­learning training resource, 5) a clinical mobile app, and 6) four peer-­‐review papers on the outcomes of the various interventions in the project.

NSSF, the donor country partner will assist scientific coordination, provide expert advice and assist with the training of Lead Trainers. Other partnerships will guarantee presence of PC professionals, technological resources and contents, and monitoring.