EutimiaEEA Grants

Contribution of the project to achieve the program aims and expected outcomes


The EEA Grants third subarea (SM3) involves

aimed results are the “development of interventions for suicide prevention, the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of depression at the level of PC, including the role and articulation among several PCPs”,

expected activities “designing and implementing and doing training programs, according with the best identified practices, for suicide prevention, the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of depression at the level of PC; evaluation of the impact of the training in clinical practice”

target groups “training of professionals that will improve population care regarding suicide and depression prevention and treatment in primary healthcare centres”.

PrimeDep involves

1. a core strategy of improvement of delivery of mental health (MH) care at the primary care (PC) level

a. to capacitate PC to achieve the mission of routine care towards the important number of light to moderately mentally ill disordered patients, depressed, self‐harming or suicidal, alcohol and/or benzodiazepine (BZD) abusing and dependent, and common mental disorders (CMD).
b. to foster both improved liaison with community mental health teams (CMHT) and PC policy organization to deliver MH care both locally and in a wider perspective.
c. to work in PC units, locally, in the field where work/¬care is done with impact on vulnerable groups such as depressed and self-¬harm people, with a focus on the elder and youth (12-¬24), in a sustainable manner.

2. An effort on MH promotion and awareness and increasing accessibility of depressed, CMD and self-harm /suicidal patients to MH care

a. ‘somatic’ care access is perhaps more readily available because of MH stigma: awareness and education will enable access to capacitated services.
b. through regional strategy PrimeDep will address the reduction of inequalities in MH in Portugal.

3. an evaluation strategy that previews that existing national relevant indicators to be used and impact, including economic.

4. communication as a most important componente

a. internally it is crucial towards team consistency and quality guarantee.
b. externally, to amplify PrimeDep community impact and in the health care cluster at regional and national levels and foster sustainability innovations and knowledge-¬translation model.

5. a sustainability model involving digital platforms and leadership in human resources